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Lawn Installation

Lawn Installation

NW Landscape Management installs new lawns from spring until mid-fall. If your lawn isn’t looking healthy or has major bare spots it might be time for a lawn replacement. Sod replacement and lawn installations provide a surface that is resilient and look s great.  Installation of new sod is the quickest way to create a new lawn.

When installing a new lawn is the best solution, we use grass varieties that perform well in our climate. We also think it’s important that we use locally sourced sod. You can have a brand new fully functional lawn in 30 days if it is installed properly.

Lawn Installation Federal Way WA

We are a complete turnkey solution for your new lawn installation. Our service includes:

  • Removing the old lawn

  • Bringing in Greensmix – A sandy-soil mixture that provides a good growing base for the sod to establish

  • Delivery and installation of the new sod

Contact us with your square footage, and we can give you approximate quote on your new lawn.

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Lawn Installation

Lawn Replacement

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It requires more skills to plant sod, but sod offers several advantages over seeding. You basically get rolled out green lawn carpet that looks good immediately and a lawn that can be used much sooner than a seeded lawn. If your landscaping slopes, sod is the obvious choice. Seed can get washed away on sloping terrain and in low areas. Erosion is less of a problem for sod as it becomes established. Also, weeds don’t compete as well against sod.

It’s best to install new lawns in the fall or spring in our area. We don’t install new lawns later than one month prior to the first fall frost. This gives our new lawn a chance to establish roots before cold weather really sets in. Watering is key. It’s is imperative you maintain moisture in the soil once your new lawn gets installed.